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MS Creatives Offers 2 Years Warranty On Our Ceiling Cloth Hangers in Hyderabad


That is correct. MS Creatives now provides a full two-year warranty on our Ceiling Cloth Hanger product when installed by one of our On Ground Partners or Distributors. We are confident in the superior quality of our products and recommend the deluxe grade Ceiling clothes drying hanging with a 2-year warranty in Hyderabad. The following items are covered under the same Warranty:

Rusting Problem

Rusting in the hanger is a common problem. In direct sunlight, stainless steel rods react with chemical detergents as well as cotton fibers, leaving rust stains on garments. On gleaming materials, these rust marks are easily evident. This issue appears after a few weeks or months of utilizing clothing hangers. We offer a full two-year warranty against this problem.

Bending Problem

Our deluxe quality rods can support up to 8kg to 10kg per rod when the cloth is evenly spread throughout the rod. In Hyderabad, we provide a 2-year warranty for similar bending issues.

Manufacturing Defect

We cover manufacturing problems in clothing hangers that have been installed. After our executive has completed the installation if any difficulty arises with our hangers due to any faults in our product’s parts such as wheels, side holders, joints, fixtures, or metal angles.

Rope Issues

The polished nylon rope we are using here has a maximum life of 1-2 years in hangers, based on our research. As a result, we offer a 2-year warranty, during which time you’ll receive new parts and new rope for any rope-related problems. For the first two years, we offer free new rope. Customers can pick up the free new rope from our distributor and install it themselves. Additional manpower services, such as an executive visit or installation, or reinstallation, are available for a fee. For the service, there will be an additional fee; however, there is no fee for the replacement rope material for the first two years.


We find a scarcity of space in metropolises, making the cloth-hanger a distinctive product in cities. It becomes crucial for everyone to conserve space and make the most of the domestic space that is available. In a similar vein, MS Creatives unveils in Hyderabad the Cloth Hanger. But bear in mind the top 5 things you should know about ceiling cloth hangers in Hyderabad before making any online purchases.

  •  Size of the ceiling hanger for drying clothes: The length of the ceiling hanger ranges from 4 to 8 feet. We advise customers or buyers to measure the home area and choose one that best suits their needs.
  •  Cloth Hanger Material: PVC channels and Metal Made Channel are the two primary types of materials used to make ceiling hanger channels. We advisechoosing a metal channel cloth drying hanging over a PVC channel because it is more durable and has a longer lifespan.
  • Availability of the Hanger: Online, there are numerous suppliers of ceiling hangers. These suppliers only offer delivery services, thus we advise you to pick a vendor who will deliver and install the product for you.
  • Purchase a High-Quality Product: Even though there are numerous internet sellers, very few of them are selling Ceiling cloth hangers with warranties. Ceiling hangers are provided by MS Creatives with delivery, installation, and a 2-year service warranty.
  • Strong Pulley Cloth Drying Hanger: The pulley, which aids in mounting the ceiling hanger on the rooftop, is, in our opinion, the most crucial component of the ceiling hanger. Pulley plays a significant part in bringing the nylon thread down and raising it utilizing the hanger. The pulley positioned on your rooftop bears the full weight of the clothing. We provide the highest quality pulley integrated cloth hanger, which has been examined and tested by our team of professionals.

Our Ceiling Holders is the best choice for you, it is of high quality and


In general, we are one of the leading roof cloth hangers in Hyderabad manufacturers and online suppliers to major builders in Hyderabad. In summary, roof cloth hangers or ceiling hangers dry wet clothing, which are fixed to the roof with two pathways cities, have wheels to make it easier to draw up and Simply lower the stainless steel pipes to dry your damp clothing. To fix the nylon ropes, which are coming from stainless steel pipe, one stopper was also fixed to the wall.

How to make a service claim for the ceiling cloth hangers in the warranty

Yes, we are readily available in Hyderabad and offer solid assistance locally for any issues with our ceiling cloth dry hangers. Here are the methods by which you can choose or make use of your free warranty facility for two years if you are already a customer of ours. Customers can call, chat, or even submit a request on our contact page to reach us. You can take a photo of the identical problem and upload it to our website. To complete the request for services, a bill of materials or payment receipt is necessary. We require a Bill Number or Order Number to submit the same service request. For necessary rod or metal fixtures services, we offer free new items. Other services like moving, drilling, additional uninstalling or reinstalling, or flaws caused by people are taxable.


This is the most recent system of pull-down rods for hanging clothes from the ceiling. Each rod pull-down function makes it very simple to use, making it suitable for both children and older people. In comparison to market dealers, as a manufacturer, we provide the most affordable price.

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